About Us

Lucky Cat Bakery was born in 2009 as a continuation of the culinary journey of the owner and founder, Andrew Semler. Since then, we have been refining our product line and building relationships with the people who are the driving force behind the business – our customers.

Along with our customers, we share the belief that great food should be readily available throughout our community – in restaurants, hotels, the cafeteria at school or work, and in the grocery store aisles. We don’t think bread should be judged by how cheaply it can be made or long it can sit on the shelf, but instead on the quality of the ingredients, the richness of flavor, the texture of the crust and crumb, and the care with which it is crafted.

Our growth over the years has shown us that the demand for quality bread in our region surpasses its availability. As in the rest of the food industry, mass-produced and widely distributed products dominate the choices available to consumers. Over the decades, those products have become laden with synthetic dough conditioners, food coloring, artificial flavors, and other additives. A commercially produced loaf of bread can move from the flour bag to the oven in under an hour – the result of relentless mixing and conditioning. The final result is a product that only slightly resembles the bread that people have been enjoying and relying on for millennia.

It’s our promise to you that when you order bread from us, that is exactly what you will get – bread. We’ll provide you a loaf of bread that your great grandmother would have been proud to pull from the oven and and share with family and friends. And we promise you’ll be able to pronounce every ingredient on the label!

Thank you for your interest in Lucky Cat Bakery, and we look forward to providing you with fresh, locally-crafted, artisan bread.